Time to Celebrate!

Here’s to another year! Raise your glasses and help us cheers in celebrating PPR’s achievement in making it onto The Great Places to Work Institute’s, “Best Small & Medium Workplaces” list by Fortune Magazine for the 13th year. Yep, that is right….13 years in a row. In the past, the Best Places to Work has only selected 25 small and 25 medium companies to be recognized on the “Best Small & Medium Workplaces,” list. For the first time, they have selected a total of 150… Continue Reading

HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen List Names Us (or PPR) as the #2 RPO Provider!

Last week, we received the most amazing recognition from HRO Today! In their annual Baker’s Dozen Recruit Process Outsourcing (RPO) rankings, we were ranked #2 within the Healthcare Leaders category, and #2 within the Midsize Deals category! With such outstanding rankings and recognition, Sarah Palmer, Vice President of Marketing at PPR Talent Solutions, sat down with Senior Vice President Joe Marino to get the inside scoop as to what makes our service so different that we were ranked as the #2 best RPO provider in our… Continue Reading

Healthcare salaries are on the rise, and job search is, too!

Think your healthcare staff is here to stay? Think again! Healthcare professionals’ employment opportunities are expected to grow 19 percent between now and 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with a projected add of 2.3 million jobs.  This growth rate is remarkable, and is actually faster than any other occupation out there! You are probably already experiencing this in your own organization – adding more jobs now than you did even just a year ago. And, are you also experiencing an increase in… Continue Reading

Solving Talent Shortages with RPO

In a recent paper, Optimizing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Today, the Aberdeen Group noted the main struggle for HR today is shortages of critical skills in the labor pool. As the chart below illustrates, critical skill shortages far outweigh other challenges in recruitment today. The question becomes, how do you reach qualified candidates (typically passive candidates) when you are already stretched too thin with other priorities? One such way is to partner with a professional recruitment organization in what is called a Recruitment Process Outsourcing… Continue Reading

Build vs. Buy

Organizations face the “build vs buy” decision in multiple aspects of their businesses. Should I expand into a new market segment or purchase a new company? Should I buy a new location or build my own site? Should I gain market share through building a more robust team or acquire a competitor? Talent acquisition decisions are no different. Today the dialogue tends to revolve around whether I should outsource or insource. The truth is, developing an outsourcing partnership with an RPO provider can (and maybe… Continue Reading

Is Your RPO Provider Rightfully Representing You?

While there are many benefits with a strong RPO partnership, it is essential that the RPO actually present your company in a positive way to those who being recruited for the general public. Organizations may not realize the impact the right RPO partner can have on marketing strategy. An RPO provider can actually assist a client in establishing a positive image at the local, regional, and, yes, the national level. It is important to remember that the RPO partner is, in many instances, the initial… Continue Reading

Passive vs. Active Candidates

Today, more than ever before, organizations across all industries are facing massive candidate shortages and new recruitment challenges. This has affected certain industries more than others including: Retail Hospitality Healthcare However, no matter the market, quality candidates are harder to come by than ever before. A recent LinkedIn Survey showed that out of the two main types of candidates, active and passive. Active candidates, or those currently seeking employment, unfortunately only make up 15 percent of the candidate pool. This means that 85 percent of all candidates out there… Continue Reading

The Power of Perception 

  Perception is everything, especially in the minds of interviewing job candidates. The power of perception has the ability to dictate a candidate’s decision to accept or deny a job offer. After all, would you accept a job offer from a foul-mouthed, full-of-himself hiring manager? Interviews offer a sneak peek as to what the candidate can expect from potential employees, and with the average interview lasting around 30 minutes to an hour… every second count. Prompt positive perceptions with these three tips: Set Aside Enough… Continue Reading

Quality Wants, What Quality Gets

Quality candidates are selective because…they can be. Basically, it’s all about what is in it for them. If you want to recruit, hire and retain quality candidates, you must engage them and give them what they want. If you don’t have what they want, well…they’ll walk. After all, quality wants, what quality gets. What Quality Candidates REALLY Want Quality candidates want to work for organizations of equal or elevated quality that offer a company culture that “speaks” to them. Still not convinced? Gallop reported that eight in… Continue Reading

Quality Candidate Characteristics

Candidate quality is imperative to the success and overall growth of an organization. Picking poorly-matched candidates can deem timely and costly for hiring organizations. Characteristics of quality candidates How do you determine if a candidate has the desired qualities for a position? Beyond a pristine resume and attractive references, quality candidates are: Highly-committed, enthusiastic and passionate Honest and credible with the ability to put skills into action Competent and ambitious Team players Responsive and effective at communicating Culture-fitted to the organization Increasing candidate quality with… Continue Reading