Acute Care Health System

Medical Center

Multi Location, Magnet Recognized healthcare system in Northeast FL that has over 5,000 employees. Began working with PPR in 2010

Recruitment Challenge:

  • Many difficult to fill positions: RNs (ER & PICU), PT, OT, RN Managers &, Pharmacists
  • 25 open positions across the system were continuously left unfilled
  • Were interviewing “low-quality” candidates as their recruiting focus was on ‘Active’ candidates, versus ‘Passive’ candidates

The Results:

  • 48 chronically open ER RN, PICU RN, PT and OT positions were filled
  • Days to fill improved to 75 days from 365 days
  • Premium Labor and marketing spend was reduced by $320,000 annually
  • Cumulative savings on Premium Labor and Marketing equals over $800,000

Rehabilitation Provider

Rehabilitation Sign

Florida-based rehab provider comprised of an inpatient rehabilitation hospital (150+ beds), over 25 outpatient centers, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, home health services, memory care and a research facility. PPR began working with this partner in 2010.

Recruitment Challenge:

  • Days to start were higher than management’s expectations for hiring therapists and specialties nurses
  • Hiring managers were dissatisfied with the candidates presented to them for positions
  • Management had a desire to recruit more efficiently
  • Recruiting team was not meeting management’s expectations

The Results:

  • Over 700 hires, including therapists, assistants, nursing staff (RNs, CNAs, LPNs, Educators, Directors), IT, and administrative staff.
  • Improved turnover from 74% to 4% over a three-year period
  • Days to fill for therapists improved to 75 days from 150+ days
  • Reduced premium labor and eased the stresses of overworked resources
  • PPR began the partnership recruiting for only therapy positions. Currently, PPR recruits for all staff, both clinical and non clinical.

School Focused Therapy Management Group


Therapy Management Company who partners with school districts across the country. Services include managing special education departments and managing therapy disciplines within school districts, such as speech language pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Recruitment Challenge:

  • Had over 40 contractors during the school year in various locations across the country
  • Spent over $1 million per school year on incremental contractor fees, versus fully-loaded permanent employee.
  • Spent over $27,000 per therapist, per school year, on incremental contractor fees versus a fully-loaded permanent employee.
  • OT and SLP positions were continuously hard to fill with permanent staff

The Results:

  • Hired 31 permanent therapists in a 10.5 month period
  • Saved over $1.04 million in a two year period by replacing contractors with permanent staff
  • Placed permanent therapists in 8 different school districts across 4 different states
  • Filled 6 critical contractor needs in less than 2 weeks through PPR’s Vendor Solutions Program