Happy Lady

PPR is a place where people truly WANT to be. It’s home, it’s family, it’s FUN.

We hire great people who are energetic, empathetic, motivated, organized, and value-oriented. Next, we figure out what they love to do and why they love to do it. Finally, we take what they love to do and make them great at it. This formula has made PPR one of America’s “Best Companies to Work For” for 10 consecutive years and it is no accident.

On any given day, you might see our team giving the personal trainer 25 “burpees”, costumed employees cooking chili in the kitchen, a yoga class winding down in the gym, 10 recruiters out on the beach playing volleyball during lunch, or cubicles decorated like Santa’s workshop.

You might also find a recruiter offering advice over the phone to a nurse who just finished the toughest shift of her life, or a strategy meeting in the “Excellence” conference room between leadership team members and new employees with fresh ideas, or QM representative running to catch the FedEX driver to make sure her therapist’s background check gets to the client on time.

We extend that combination of fun and commitment to our clients and providers working in all 50 states. We want everyone to love our culture as much as we do.