Acute Care Health System

Multi Location, Magnet Recognized healthcare system in Northeast FL that has over 5,000 employees. Began working with PPR in 2010

Recruitment Challenge:

  • Many difficult to fill positions: RNs (ER & PICU), PT, OT, RN Managers &, Pharmacists
  • 25 open positions across the system were continuously left unfilled
  • Were interviewing “low-quality” candidates as their recruiting focus was on ‘Active’ candidates, versus ‘Passive’ candidates

The Results:

  • 48 chronically open ER RN, PICU RN, PT and OT positions were filled
  • Days to fill improved to 75 days from 365 days
  • Premium Labor and marketing spend was reduced by $320,000 annually
  • Cumulative savings on Premium Labor and Marketing equals over $800,000

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